January 10, 2011

Another use for baby socks!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. So you remember the post I did recently on the rice-warmer made from a sock? Well the other day Aaminah was complaining her hands were cold as she drank her milk. (We have some insulated cups but not all are.)

Anyway I found a cute stray (outgrown) sock and voila! instant cup-holder to keep little hands from freezing. Redneck? Maybe. Ingenious? You betcha!!! lol

Awwww my pretty little princess!

A close-up. :-)


Angeliqua said...

I love this concept mashaAllah. I used to do that with the frozen popsicles that were too cold for little hands. This is a great idea for drinks. And for sweaty frozen water bottles in the summer works good. Keep the good ideas coming.

Mona Z said...

Aw, I love her expression, like "Mom, I'm drinkng milk. I do this every day. Is this really a Kodac moment?"

zanjabil said...

I use a sock to keep my water bottle cold. I freeze water in it about 1/3 way filled, then fill the rest up with water, put on a sock(acrylic is best) and voila! it stays cold all day :). I did this on a 15 hour train ride and it stayed chilled to the end :)

Duchess said...

I hope you washed the sock :P

Umm Aaminah said...

Angeliqua, thanks for stopping by! I never thought to do it for cold things like popsicles; great idea!

Mona, I know I loved that pic! I snapped probably 10 pics but that look like, geeze mom.

I can't believe it stayed cold for 15 hours, Zanjabil. I'll let my step-kids try that for their bottles *if* it isn't too embarassing for them. lol

Duchess, masha'Allah you are funny! Erm, it should have been clean since she outgrew it a few months ago but Allahu alim. ;-)

HijabiMommy said...

great idea! wow, who knew there were so many uses for old socks??

Umm Khadiijah Binta said...

JZK Ummi Aami, I am going to teach this one day for my baby. InshaAllah

Missy said...

What a great idea for an old sock!

And she's adorable, mashallah!

MaryAnn said...

Awww, MashaAllah she is soooo precious ♥