January 12, 2011


A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Oh the snow! It started after midnight and by 6:00 am we were past 5 inches. Masha'Allah! The wind is blowing steadily over 20mph so we are classed as a blizzard now. This is what I love (sorry for all those who get hardship from the weather but me loving it doesn't make it snow!) to look outside and see white and grey and blowing. It excites me to no end ya'll.

Today I even watched (ok spied!) on a guy cleaning off his car. lol Alhamdulillah we are able to park in the garage but I was mesmerized watching him scrape and brush. The snow looks really heavy and wet subhanallah.

Typical New England style "salt box" house in front of us. It's really cute masha'Allah.

I spy with my little eye a car almost covered by the drifting snow.

Once again this is just about 4 hours worth of snow!!! Subhanallah.

And a close-up of the snowed-in cars. Shovel, anyone? ;-)
I braved the cold and winds to take some pictures to show everyone. For those of you used to snow, you're gonna say "meh". For my southern sisters and those overseas, I think you will have the same child-like joy I do! :-)

Enjoy and ma salaama!


HijabiMommy said...

Subhan'Allah!! That is just beautiful!

I am so glad you are enjoying it...cuz I probably wouldn't! LOL, I get sick of looking at snow after the first day and start feeling cabin fever when the roads are all closed and we can't get out of the house. {I'm talking about the snow back my parent's. Cuz, thankfully, we don't get any where we live!)}

Have fun and stay warm! And this time, use those socks to keep those toes warm! ;)

Jennifer said...

Essalam Alaikum, Masha'allah great pictures! Enjoy the weather Sis, I'm right there with you, I LOVE the snow, and man do I miss it, Alhamdulillah.

Muslim Convert said...

Last night it really started to snow here and it was sticking! But then this morning water was coming down from the roof, it's melting like crazy. I bought my kids snow suits, but haven't been able to really use them yet. It hasn't snowed (and stayed) like it has in your pictures here in about 2 years, I'm starting to miss it.

Angelle said...

Gorgeous! It's a world away for me. I like to look at snow from inside a cozy house and I got to do that on my recent visit to my sister's in Virginia.

Then come home to New Orleans.

Glad you're enjoying it!

Duchess said...

aaaaaah me love London! We get snow here like for a day or two and that's it Alhamdulillah. I love watching the snow though, from my window in the warmth of my house. Beautiful pics sis tabarakallah xxx

Sabirah said...


I left right before the second storm hit NJ. Your pictures made me miss the snow already!

MaryAnn said...

Brrrrrr....that's cold! MashaAllah! I am cold just looking at it! LOL

I miss the snow. I can say that now because I have been living in the desert for over 10 years now :) The last time I saw snow was in Richmond about 10 years ago. It was a blizzard and we had no electricity for like 5 days! But they were fun days, Alhamdulilah.

Umm Khadiijah Binta said...

beautiful fotos. mashaAllah. I wasw just down in your area visiting fam with the baby. my mother and rest of the fam live in the boston and brockton area. miss them. JZK for the lovingly posted. we too had snow in nyc, but not as much as you all. lol