January 5, 2011

Time for some randomness!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I've had alot of ideas for posts lately but seems like as soon as one pops in my head I either get sidetracked and forget or just too busy. I've been cooking some different things lately and really want to do some recipes; I made a verrrry yummy blueberry cobbler that is beggin' to be posted. I took pics of all the stages, mainly because the blueberries are just so vibrant and look great in the shiny cookware. lol Insha'Allah I'll post it soon; right now I'm just gonna put out some of my random thoughts that I've wanted to share but don't really warrant a complete post. :-) Oh and as always, it's in LIST format.

1. OK now that I am sitting here, all ready to go, my mind has frozen. Um great. So #1 on my list is "My mind refuses to work". On with the show!

Previously unpublished random pic of my favorite girl, Aaminah. This was Oct. 08 when she was just 4 months old masha'Allah!!! I never put headbands on her but this one matched....awwwwww how cute!!!!

2. My alter-ego is the musician P!nk (Pink). I have to say I think she is awesome and I would love to be able to give dawah to her. :-) She is strong and unapologetic; however, she is also not very modest which gave me a hard time when trying to find a suitable photo for my blog. ;-) BTW the tattoo in the pic below is not real.

I love her hair; I would soooo have it if my husband wouldn't die from fright and disgust. :-)

3. We had a super duper snow storm here in MA last week. I mean loads of snow; we had over a foot where I live plus very high winds. It was officially termed a blizzard. Here is a pic I took about 3 days after the intitial snow; we had to wait for the winds to subside before we could venture out with little Aaminah in tow!

View from front of our apartment building with view of snow pushed up by snow plow. Really it was sooo beautiful!
4. Aaminah has such an imagination now masha'Allah! She was re-telling me the story of the 3 Little Pigs but at the end, the Big Bad Wolf makes off with the baby in his car and MAMA Pig comes to save it! Ah I'm a heroine at last!!!!

5. I wish blogger would let you type while uploading photos. Sometimes it takes a while to load and I sit here, fingers still. :-)

6. I really love body piercing and used to have (besides my ears) my eyebrow and nose pierced. I removed my eyering when I became Muslim and took my nose ring out when I married A because he didn't like it. (I was previously married to an Indian so he didn't have an issue with it.)

Eid-ul-Adha (I think!) 2009. You can see my nose ring and a super-tired little Aamimah, miskeena. :-( Eid is hard on the kids, waking up early, dressing up, fixing their hair, etc. etc.

6. Still missing my sons; this never goes away or lessens. I also miss my little dog Nova; he was a part of our family for over 7 years and he was AWESOME. I eventually found him a new home but it was one of the harder things I have done in my life. :-(

Alright my lazy post is over. Hope you enjoyed. Ma salaama....


HijabiMommy said...

Oh, I hate when that happens! I'll have a bunch of ideas that I want to blog about but once I sit down to actually write them, they all vanish! I'm thinking of just carrying around a notebook and pen wherever I go...nerdy, but at least I'll remember things!

Masha'allah, loving all the cute pics of Aaminah!

Mona Z said...

First of all, She is so adorable!! MashaAllah! Pink is awesome. I love "dear mr. president" esp.
I miss snow! Omg I hate blogger lately, sometimes Ill open 2 new post windows and load pics in one and type in the other, but the picture uploader is a pain lately.I always wanted a little nose ring stud. It must be so hard with your boys, I can't imagine. I remember your post about Nova :(

zanjabil said...

masha'Allah for that precious little one. i think the nose ring suits you. i've been planning on getting one.

Muslim Convert said...

mashAllah your little one is a cutie pie, love those cheeks.
I really like body piercings too, I had my navel pierced, but had to take it out with my second pregnancy and it grew over, don't think my husband wants me to get it re pierced.

Umm Aaminah said...

HJ, masha'Allah what dedication! And so what if nerdy? We will rule the world!!!!! hahaha

Mona, I was pretty sure as I wrote about Nova again that I had done it before. :-) lol Guess that shows how much I miss the my little buddy. :-D We haven't had much snow this year; I'm waiting for more!

Zanjabil, thanks for your masha'Allah!!!

MC, maybe you could search out a place that has a woman technician? I did that when I got my nose pierced cause I didn't want some random dude all up in my bid'ness. ;-) lol

Umm Salihah said...

Assalam-alaikam Sis,
mash'Allah love the baby pic, hasn't your little princess changed.

I usually type in Word whilst I upload pictures to my blog - easier for me to spot all of the spelling mistakes too and then cut and paste (onto the html view)

Anonymous said...

I liked Pink too :D