January 26, 2011

Tag, you're it part II :-)

Forgive me for doing another one; it's just fun to me! Promise this is the last word collage...for a while! ;-)

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I like these little things; not sure what you call them but I think it's a fun, kind of random way to learn more about each other. I was tagged by Muslim Convert on her blog. Here goes! Oh and I had another post today in case you missed it. :-)

1. How old were you when you started wearing the hijab? I was 33.

2. What or who influenced you to become a hijabi?

 I started wearing hijab a few days before taking my shahada. I had finally went to the local masjid after meeting with some sisters for several weeks to ask questions about Islam. The day I went to the masjid another sister helped me put it on and afterwards, because I had stayed so long there, I didn't have time to remove it at home before going to get my sons from school. I hadn't planned on keeping it on but as I sat in my car I knew I believed it to be fard and felt I had no valid excuse to not wear it. Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for me and I've worn it since.

3. How has hijab changed your life?

It makes me more conscious of Allah swt at all times and serves as a beautiful reminder for me to be modest in my actions not just my dress.

4. What does hijab mean to you?

It is a symbol of my commitment to live a better, more god-concious life.

5. How do you deal with the rude comments/stares you get due to being a hijabi?

One most days I try to deal with stares by "killing with kindness". On my worst days, I've snapped back; after all I'm only human. Once when I was HUGE pregnant with Aaminah an old man at Wal-Mart walked past me and said, without looking, "Go back to your country". I LOUDLY replied, "What country would that be? I was born here, I grew up down the road in Claxton (little farming community)! Where EXACTLY do YOU think I should go?" Alhamdulillah I rarely do that.  Don't mess with pregnant women. lol

6. What is your favorite thing about wearing the hijab?

I love that (besides keeping me mindful of my religion and modesty) that it really streamlines my getting out of the house routine. Gone are the days where I wasted an hour of my time to get ready. It's throw and go, sister!

7. What is your hijab must have accessory?

Uh, my head to put it on I guess. Really I just have to have a tie-back polyester khimar. The longer the better. It is the only type I am comfortable in; I HATE wrapped hijabs!!!!! So uncomfortable to me.

8. What advice could you give a newbie hijabi?

I would encourage them to view hijab not as an accessory but as a commitment to Allah to live modestly, in dress and behavior.

9. What is one hijab trend you never understood?

I guess the one I really don't get is when sisters wear hijab and yet are not modest in their behavior or in the rest of their clothing choices. May Allah guide us all on the straight path, amin.
10. What question do you get asked the most due to wearing the hijab?

"Are you hot in that" closely followed by "What religion are you?" If it's summer I usually say "Yes I'm hot but I would be without it too!" or "Yeah, but in the winter I am toasty!". As for what religion I am... I guess that one still kinda surprises me. Maybe because the way I dress I could be taken for a nun so maybe they are confused.

Ma salaama ya'll!!!!


HijabiMommy said...

Masha'allah, lovely post! I especially loved "throw and go"! I find that to be so true, too. :-p

Hijab is beautiful and I pray that I am always mindful of my actions and words when I am in it and a good role model for my daughters. May Allah be pleased with all of us. Ameen! :-)

Muslim Convert said...

Thanks for doing this tag :).
ha I love wrap hijabs, they are the only kind of hijabs I feel won't slip off

Umm Hamza said...

Salams sister Umm Aaminah! Thanks for your beautiful dua! Alhamdulillah Allah has made you so happy with hijab. I think I remember reading that you had been interested in niqab a little while back. There's plenty of blessings in both, and if niqab is written for you then may Allah make it easy for you and help you to wear it, and if it isn't written for you then May Allah increase your love and reward for perfect hijab insha'Allah, Ameen.

DD said...

re: point 5: you go girlfriend! heeheh. i know, sometimes there are days when you just can not for the life of you let things slide but thankfully those are rare days ;)

Salbiyyah Ismail said...

Assalamualaikom Sis, I was born a Muslim but was not wearing the hijab except to religious school. After doing my first Hajj, I was working in Jeddah then, I still did not cover until I went to work, I felt so odd as though I was walking around uncloth. I went back that day confide to another Muslim sister, cried my heart out, and started covering after that, Alhamdulillah....:)

Banana Anne said...

LOL, I'm the same way about hijabs. I can't stand any hijabs that require pins or take longer than 10 seconds to put on, so it's long al-Amira khimars for me. I usually wear the two-piece ones (they don't slide around as much and I think they look a bit more put-together), but I found some decent one-piece khimars in Morocco that has reduced my hijab time to like 5 seconds. :)

Anonymous said...


I decided to wear hijab in 1999, 1st year of university.
It's been a roller coaster, but alhamdulillah Allah had helped me all the way.
I love any kinds of hijab, wrap or not LOL
It's very easy to ut on alhamdulillah.

May Allah increases your iman, Umm Aminah.. HUGS