January 7, 2011

My odd vocabulary

This is from 2006 when I first converted to Islam. My boys are now taller than I am masha'Allah!
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. How many of you have odd speech mannerisms (not talking Tourette's here), little odd tidbits you've picked up here and there? Well I was just sitting here and one of them popped into my mind so I'm gonna compile a little LIST hehe so I can share them with ya'll. Here we go:

1. You welky. Yep, welky. Compliments of baby Zack around the age of 2. It's his interpretation of "You're welcome". Oh and iffen ya don't like baby talk, just ignore this post because I am sure most of my weird/funny words come from them. :-)

2. It's emba'istin. Another Zack classic, this time his personal take of "It's embarassing". It's probably embarassing that my sister and I STILL use it, even in the company of non-family strangers. Uh yeah.

3. Lallooo. Aaminah at age 1 trying to say "I love you.". I still get texts from A stating how much he adores me in this term. :-) Masha'Allah.

4. Eshay feffay. Ya Allah, this one IS emba'istin. :-D This is purely, PURELY my own made up word. Often said in a type of sigh when I'm super tired or in place of "I can't be bothered, whatever." Uh huh. This one is really just kinda weird. Don't know where it came from but it delights my sister and friends to no end when I utter it.

Actually this was a dialysis-era word that was born from my utter exhaustion, during the time when even 3 steps were too hard to climb in one go. So all things considered, eshay feffay is not so embarassing. ;-)

5. Rabby bunnits. This is Aaminah's uber-cute take on the phrase "bunny rabbit". How much cuter is hers???

6. Hitch in my git-a-long. Mmm. Not sure on the etymology of this one; has anyone heard it before? I like to use this when my back/hip is causing me to walk in a twisted manner reminiscent of the Hunchback of Notre Dame (herniated disc between L5 & L4 plus compressed vertbrae, fun fun!) This injury is actually a result of my peritoneal dialysis; what a great momento, along with my "2nd belly button" looking scar from the tube. Ah good times, good times!

7. I'm smarter than I am nice.  Masha'Allah this was a quote from Alex when he was about 3 or 4. I told him, "It's ok. Because you cannot be any more intelligent than the way you were born, but you can work on being nicer".  I don't remember alot of the cute words he said because I had my stroke when he was just 3 months old. Funny how it wiped out sooo much of his early life in my memory. :-( Insha'Allah I'll ask his father for some of the words he remembers.

I remember a lot of THINGS but words, funny ways of saying things, just aren't coming to me. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he promptly and confidently replied: "A chef. Or a bird." LOL So I have lots of anecdotes but can't really remember some other things. Anyway onward....

8. This isn't really vocabulary but its a funny speech mannerism. My friend, we'll call her L (as in Sr. Lisa!!!!) and I like to sing, operatically, everyday ordinary conversations. It's hilarious to us and a never-ending source of amusement to her little girl, Aliyah. I now share this proud tradition with Aaminah and we will sing whatever nonsense we see going on in the world around us.

For example: "Do you see that light? That light pole that is tilted? It's going to fall." (Imagine my falsetto voice which is normally an alto. :-) Aaminah replies: "That light will fall on us?" in very cute sing song. OK you get the idea. Oh and I do assure her it won't fall on her because I won't park under it. lol

9. The bees. When Zack was little he couldn't pronounce the "oy" sound. So toys were tees and boys were... yep you guessed it, bees. So when I would talk about my pair of sons I would say the bees. And yes, my sister, to this day, also refers to my strapping sons that way. :-)

10. Zac-a-wee, Zac-a-bee. One of Alex's first words was his older brother's name. Of course, I mean how many times a day would he hear that? lol He said it sooo cute masha'Allah, sing-song, zack-uh-BEE, Zack-uh-Wee! It makes me smile to remember it!!!!!

Alright there are probably more but that's all I can think of for now. Enjoy! Please share any weird-isms ya'll have in your family vocabulary. :-)


Mona Z said...

I love this!! So many cute ones! We have a few like when someone says Thanks the other says Welks. Shooki or Shookies instead of shukran (Arabic for thank you).Hmm, what else... I'm drawing a blank! Nice post though!

HijabiMommy said...

LOL! These are sooo funny and soooo cute!! I love how kids can totally butcher a word and come up with their own unique names for siblings/relatives.

Thanks for the laughs!

*Muslim mama* said...

hihi! that was funny! btw I really like your blog!

Muslim Convert said...

haha these are really cute, my daughter will say pick me up in arabic (ha-mil-nee) but she's changed it to "ha-mill-you", she's got me saying it a lot.

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum dear sis,

Those words really made me smile.And MashALLAH what a lovely picture!It's interesting to look at pictures from our "first steps" in Islam and compare them with the way we look now.I love the top you're wearing on the picture btw :)

Umm Aaminah said...

I love the pic cause it shows me and my "bees" but my clothes made me kinda cringe. LOL I was like, um I can see my shape. :-(

I bought that top off eBay because one sister told me that silk is really the best material for staying cool in our super-hot and humid climate in East Tennessee. (It can get in the high 90s for much of the summer with 100% humidity!)

Anyway I started wearing hijab from the beginning and just kinda fixed my clothes the best I could. I looked a treat sometimes!!! haha I think I might do a post about this if I can find an example of my "fancy" dress. lol