January 13, 2011

Shoes, shoes, shoes!

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. As you should know by now, I am adamant about trying to live a frugal life insha'allah. I often buy used especially items like winter coats, snow boots, furniture, etc. I have even been known to buy shoes but generally just for Aaminah or myself. Women of course are fickle in their tastes and will buy a thing, wear it once, and then declare it passe. Children are known for outgrowing their items before wearing them out. :-)

I had to go by Target today to pick up a few things. We stopped by the shoe aisle; in general this is a big mistake. Not for myself, although there is a pair of Swiss Army brand hiking shoes I realllly want :-) but their shoes for little kids are so darn cute!

Anyway there was a HUGE and I mean HUGE sale. Up to 70% and it was really really cute things. So I ended up getting 4 pair for Aaminah for only $20.46. Yes that is right and three pair of them were leather masha'Allah. I saved.........(drumroll please!) $61.50!!!!! Alhamdulillah. Anyway here are the 4 pair I got here; there were 2 more pair I liked but I did have *some* self-control. lol

Originally $16.99 I snagged 'em for $4.24! Size 12, she can wear fall of next year or the spring after that insha'allah!

Cute sk8ter shoes with crystal accents, size 10 can wear next spring/summer. Originally $16.99 only paid $4.24

Love these boots, want them myself! These are a size 1; she can't wear them til the winter of 2012/2013. Silly maybe but originally $24.99 and I got 'em for $6.24!

Super cute boots, size 11, fit next winter insha'Allah. I really liked these!
So check out your local Target if you have one handy; alot of great sales right now! Oh and I bought all 3 youngest kids a new winter coat from Sear's; they were only $14.00 each masha'Allah so I splurged. They are for next year as well. :-)

Ma salaama....


HijabiMommy said...

Oh My Gosh. This post excites me soooo much, you have no idea!!

I can't tell you how much I LOVE Target. You can always find such great, clearance items. And I ALWAYS get my daughters' shoes from there and never for more than $9 and most for less than $5.

Masha'allah, great finds! I love those boots!! Both pairs! I wish they had some at our Target. And now our Target has added fresh produce and excited!!

Have I said how much I LOVE Target???

Muslim Convert said...

Wow! MashAllah, those are some really cute shoes, ha I would wear them all if they cam in my size. I found out today that Target is coming to Canada, praying from one of them to come to greater Vancouver....unfortunately we won't have a Target until 2013, but whatever I'm still stoked. All we need now is some really good outlet stores in western Canada :P

Adventurous Ammena said...

cute masha'Allah and $20 even cuter ;) well done you

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Oooh, I love them! What a great deal! I miss target!!!

Mona Z said...

I'm going to say MashaAllah AND I'm so Jealous!! I miss the sales and clearance. Nice stuff here costs $ no way around it. Mabrook for her, she's set!

Angeliqua said...

MashaAllah. I love getting good deals like that, makes you feel awesome knowing you can provide for you family and not go broke. I was just talking about wanting to get stuff in advance a size or two bigger for the next season. Keep up the frugal hunting, it pays off every time.

MaryAnn said...

OoOoh! MashaAllah you got some really good deals! I really like the first pair and the last...those boots look really warm ♥