March 12, 2011

Cutest li'l hijabi plus updates!

My daughter has a kohl addiction. :-) If she sees me putting some on she has to have it.
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. The winner of the cutest li'l hijabi award goes to...................  Aaminah!!! Masha'allah what a sweet little face! This piece of fabric has a beautiful history, as well. When I first became Muslim my hijab selection was nil. I had the very thick, heavy, ivory square hijab a sister gave me that first Jumuah I attended the masjid. (I've talked about this on here before.) I've worn hijab since that day masha'Allah, may Allah be praised for making it easy for me.

Anyway the hijab was thick, heavy, and uncomfortable. I knew I had to do something and fast! I just had no idea what that was. :-) So I headed out to Wal-Mart and was looking for some fabric with which to cover myself. I found the above fabric and fell in love with the henna-inspired print. Plus it was only $1 a yard on clearance and it was really lightweight and stretchy. I bought a yard or so and headed home.

I didn't have a sewing machine at the time so I used the iron-on hemming tape that is available to "hem" the sides. I loved this hijab. :-) After some time and finding newer, more practical styles of hijab, I had placed it in my drawer. (Along with the extra couple of yards I had picked up at a later date.)

Aaminah pulled it out the other day and loved it as well. I thought, hmmm let's see what we can whip up! I'm not ashamed to say I used my magic-tape hemmed edges and just sewed a quick little line down the middle to join it. A few snips here and there and voila! My little muhajabat!

So now my first hijab has been passed down to my daughter. She loves to play with hijabs and wears them when she prays with us (most of the time lol). I love her chubby-cheeked look in them! I think she looks like those cute little Malaysian babies with their ruffly hijabs masha'Allah. :-)

Really she did smile for some but they ended up being blurry. Photo shoots before bed time = less options. :-
 I think I am going to make myself a khimar with the longer fabric I have. I also thought about making her a butterfly abaya but the inside of the fabric is a little scratchy so I don't think that would go over too well. And yeah, I like the thought of us going out in matching khimars. :-) Mommy and me, right?

Oh sorry for the lack of updates recently; I'll take care of that now. Alex, my baby (well for years and years pre-Aaminah) turned 14 on the 10th of March. Masha'Allah! He is just a great kid; alhamdulillah both of my boys are very intelligent but Alex has that something extra. He is a math whiz, plays in the school marching band, runs cross-country track and is one of the most caring and compassionate people I've ever met. He is an awesome big brother and dotes on Aaminah. He is creative, hardworking, selfless and is taller than me now!!!

Yes, all that AND a sense of humor and self-confidence masha'Allah! :-)

Hmmm which is Alex? The one pretending to be camera-shy. :-)
I mentioned Aaminah's kohl/kajal addiction. Let me explain. I love to use real kohl. To clarify, not the medicinal kind that burns (ya Allah, I used it once!!! lol) just a beautiful dark natural kohl. I didn't like the last type I had (that I bought in UAE) and I saw a recommendation for Rani kohl. I bought some online, the thick paste kind and I'm in love! It goes on nice and dark, doesn't seem to smear as much as the loose powder type, and I love the applicator stick in it.

Aaminah masha'Allah sits still and opens her eyes and lets me draw the thin applicator stick between her lids. It's so cute, masha'Allah, how she wants to be like mama. I also bought some perfume from the same online seller Islamestore. I ended up getting a fragrance called "mokhalat" and another that smells of yasmine (my husband loves the smell!). I don't care as much for the yasmine but Aaminah loves it. I really like the mokhalat; it has a high note of rose (which I dont' typically care for) but the undertones of saffron and something else is just too yummy. I really enjoy it.

Anyway Islam e-store is a seller on eBay. I bought the kohl for my eyes, henna for my toes, and 2 bottles of oil fragrance. It came to about $25, the shipping was fast and I had great communication from them as well. (I forgot to specify which perfumes and they emailed me promptly to remind me to pick.)

I also got 2 hijabs for the girls. They both needed a dressier one and my stepdaughters do tend to like amira hijabs. I bought these two gathered lycra amira hijabs, which for Hafsa and lavendar for Zainab. The price was $15 each plus free shipping from Izdihar Boutique another eBay seller. I was pleased with them, they are long enough to be modest (cover the chest) and are well made masha'Allah.

 OK I think I caught ya'll up! To recap, Aaminah is too-cute in hijab, Alex is growing up faster than I can comprehend, and I can recommend from my experience the 2 above sellers. :-) Not too shabby for a quick Saturday morning post. :-) Ma salaama ya'll!


Lanea said...

asalamu alaykum im so glad i found your blog mashallah xxx your little girl is beautiful

HijabiMommy said...

Masha'allah, Aaminah looks so precious in hijab!! I feel the same way you do when my own little girls wear hijab. They look so adorable and so innocent and so angelic, I can hardly stand it!!

And love the history of that appropriate!

Masha'allah on your son turning 14! How you must miss them, I can't even imagine.

LOL Thanks for catching us up on your life! Loved this post!

Mona Z said...

Adorable kids, mashaAllah. I like that fabric's print!

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum dear sis,

MASHALLAH sooooooooooooo adorable.I definitey love the print and your daughter looks like an asian princess with MASHALLAH!
Time flies MASHALLAH, our children grow up and we get older lol :)

Lot of love

Halima said...

Asalaamu aleikum, y'ukhti-

I too have a son called Alex ,and mine also has that "something extra" you spoke of! Mashallah. Mine is a bit older than yours- 20 now! wow how time flies!- but he will always have that special place in my heart that he had as a little boy.
It made me think... I hope, inshallah you don't mind me asking you this- Do you ever feel a twinge of regret that your pre-Islam kids are not muslims like you? I will admit that I do, and that I often wonder when I see others with their kids at the masjid "what is that like?" "that must be nice". I have remarried since accepting Islam, but my husband and I don't have children yet. He has two kids from a previous marriage, but their mother is raising them as evangelical christians *sigh* So, I'm pining...

Umm Aaminah said...

Lanea, so happy you stopped by! Please come back; I am usually more prolific but I've had a few issues lately that alhamdulillah are resolving. :-)

HijabiMommy, awww thanks for the comment! I always love reading your blog because it's just so dang cheerful! Yeah, honest about the day-in-day-out of raising little kids but upbeat nonetheless. :-)

Mona, thanks for the compliment on my babies. :-) I kinda like them too! ;-)

Umm Z, you are so right about time passing! It's a wonderful reminder to seize the day and live right and miss no opportunity to better ourselves as Muslims insha'Allah. I don't know where to start. So glad you've came by my little corner of the 'net. About children, I definitely have a huge part of me that feels incomplete because my sons are not with me. I pray for Allah to guide them and I do take comfort in the knowledge that NO ONE EXCEPT ALLAH can know another's heart, can know who goes to Jannah. I take such comfort knowing He is all-wise, all-merciful. My sons are good boys, they love God as they know him, and I just pray for them.

It was very gratifying when I had another child post-conversion. Of course it doesn't mean we love our first children any less; if anything it's made me even closer to them, reliving all these little childhood moments. However, to be able to raise her as a practicing Muslimah, to hear her say she loves "Allah and the Prophet Muhammad sal allahu a salaam" as she says :-) makes me want to cry.

I pray you are able to have children if it's your desire; Aaminah is the most precious thing in my life and she is truly and amanah from Allah. May Allah bless you and your husband with a pious family, amin!!!!!

Halima said...

Asalaamu aleikum-

Jezakallahu kheiran for that! I actually teared up while reading your kind reply, mashallah. My husband and I hope to have children together,inshallah, even though neither of us is that young any more- hehe. But we've only been married seven months, mashallah, so we keep trying!

Umm Aaminah said...

Alhamdulillah I was 36 when I had Aaminah, not exactly a "spring chicken". lol I know you didn't ask for advice buuuuuut.... :-) why don't you get an ovulation predictor test? It can really be helpful if you feel you are under a time-crunch to conceive. Just a thought....

Katia said...

Your children are gorgeous Masha'Allah!