March 2, 2011

One track mind ya'll

This pic just looks so tranquil; I wish I could bury my toes in the sand and listen to nothing but the waves and the wind. :-)

A'salaamu alaikum. So I really don't wanna just talk kidney, kidney, kidney but of course this is a big part of my life (everyday) but really right now. Mostly because I am dealing with the effects of the prednisone and it ain't a going so well!!! Alhamdulillah my swelling is much less this time than anticipated (maybe bec I've been on it for 9 years now) but my mood swings are Cray-Zay. Yeah, it needs 2 capitals AND the phoenetic spelling. :-D

Alhamdulillah I a) warned A that my normal pleasant good nature might be a bit "tetchy" and b) he took said warnings to heart. I've been a bit over-emotional and just get annoyed soooo easy!!! I think as I get older I get a little more inflexible anyway and this just makes me even less tolerant. :-( Also in my defense the kids were reallllllllly something today and it took every ounce of willpower to not do something drastic and illegal. :-) Alhamdulillah the girls are generally helpful but they were picking on each other today. Masha'Allah Aaminah is just a little angel because hey, she's only two and super-sweet and funny on any given day.

Anyway I've had this pounding headache at the base of my skull for a few days. Worse when I feel stressed. Hmmm that's great. So I decide to check my blood pressure today. It was high. Pretty high anyway but very high for me and REALLY high to be a transplant patient as we have to baby our kidney. It was 160/99 subhanallah. I usually run 115/72 or so. Alhamdulillah. I'll call the dr tomorrow probably not tonight. No pharmacy is open 24 hours here so there is really no benefit for me. I am not going into the ER for elevated BP when I've dealt with it for 3 days unknowingly.

OK so that's my health update. Still waiting on my biopsy results (pathologist on vacation? dunno no report is in system yet, FINAL report that is) so I don't have a clear-cut plan yet. Insha'Allah khair... :-)

Hmmm on a separate note I made a really lovely dinner last night which carried over as leftovers tonight. Yes, double score! I wanted to roast a chicken and when I was looking for a bird I found a Perdue brand, roast-in-bag deal, all vegetarian-fed, no hormones, blah blah blah. Seemed nice, I didn't have to season it so thought good to go. Bought a huge container of Sabra hummus (yes once again, I can make it but I didn't HAVE to, see the point? lol), got some pita all hot and toasty, roasted brussel sprouts (thanks to Steph for that idea) with Maine carola potatoes, onions, carrots, and a wee bit o' garlic.

We had an olive assortment with it and, the coup-de-tat, homemade cornbread dressin'. Yum yum, you know the sage-y, peppery kind? Southern style, ya'll. It was great... (sigh.....) Anyway it was a nice mix of Mediterranean and Southern American food and we all went away happy as clams who really can't be that happy anyway but I guess it looks like they smile. :-)

I felt a little guilty not having any witty, insightful, or just plain interesting posts but I'm just being kinda low key; you know, taking it easy, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, caring for Aaminah and A and the kids, trying to take care of my health... :-) Sorry just trying to give myself a nice little pat on the back. lol

Alrighty guess this'll have to do. Gonna watch an epi or so of "Lost" and then maybe sleep tonight? Yeah the insomnia is getting to me too; I sleep 4 hours a night and happy if I can force that. I will miss my prednisone-fueled energy but hey, not that much!!!

Ma salaama ya'll....


HijabiMommy said...

Aww, just keep taking it easy, Sis. Still praying for you. Insha'allah, when you're feeling better, you'll have to share that recipe for the cornbread stuffing! Sounds mighty good!

Fi amanillah.

Shadia said...

Salam sis, may Allah grant you shifa ameen. Just take it one step at a time. Hmm I miss Southern cornbread stuffing and the whole roast sounds delicious!

Mona Z said...

The dinner sounds great. Huge Lost fan here! It's great huh? InshaAllah khair on your results. Making Duaa for you.

Umm Hamza said...

Salams sis! Glad to hear from you, was wondering how you were doing. Pamper yourself as much as you can these days. Insha'Allah things will start to get better. Every pain has it's rewards with Allah SWT. :-) Oh and I agree, cornbread stuffing sounds delish!

Happy Hijabi said...

I love your upbeat attitude. Given your circumstances at the moment you have every right to be down, but instead subhanAllah you're in good spirits alhamdolilah.
May Allah give you shifaa and make this time easier for you.

Angelle said...

Well, for someone who is so ill, you made a gourmet Mediterranean-Soul Food fusion meal. Way better than I would do in your place.

Insomnia is the worst -- my teen daughter loved the movie you recommended "Arranged." It's on the Netflix instant download and sure to give you a smile. Never did see Lost. Maybe I should add it...