March 29, 2011

WTHeck? 2nd post of the day

I don't think so... read below, and you'll see why!!! LOL

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I noticed my stat counter steadily creeping upwards (thanks all my readers!) so I decided to check out my blog stats.

One random observation: any of my fellow bloggers ever feel a bit, um I dunno, surprised when you noticed someone came to your blog, didn't stay, and didn't return??? I'm like, Oh come back, there's lots of good stuff here. I mean, if you are Muslim, if you are a Mom, if you like to cook and wear hijab/abaya/khimar... lol  I guess I do just "speak" to a certain percentage of the population and my blog won't be for everyone.

Anyway the reason for my WTHeck post is this: I looked at some of the searches people do that land them on my blog.  Ummm I don't know what to say!!!! Weird to say these least; here is a sampling:

1. Boobs sticking out in abaya. This landed them on my "fashion schizophrenia" post. I don't know HOW the keyword "boobs" got them there but it did. Weird.

2. Flirting with niquab (sic). After typing this gem they went to my "Niqab a personal dilemma" post. I don't think they got the advice they were seeking. LOL

3. Pakistani cute girls. Oh peachy. Weirdos.

4. Cute Syrian Men. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but pret-ty sure I never blogged about THAT in my life! LOL Especially not on my "If I were a ____ I'd be..." post.

I'll pray someone stops by someday, while looking for something not on my blog, and my little place here makes them think a little more about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim in today's society. Insha'Allah perhaps someone, somewhere will leave a little more enlightened, a little less weighed down by bigotry and misconceptions. Or at least stop searching for freaky things like boobs in abayaat or flirting in niqab.

A girl can dream, can't she? :-))


HijabiMommy said...

LOL this one really made me laugh out loud! And say "What in the world??"

BTW, how do you check blog stats???

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. I use to track my visits. If you are tracking with them, in the left hand sidebar there are many options to see where your visitors are from, IP addresses, many things. One is keyword search.

It's worth a few "say what???"s. LOL

Umm Aaminah said...
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بنت بيتر said...

wa alaykum salam! Very funny :) hehe amazing what people do online !

Mona Z said...

I love looking at the search terms, its usually funny.

Hijabi Mommy, if you don't have stat counter, you can see it on your blogger from your dashboard.

Umm Aaminah said...

It's funny, the one post that generates the most views is the one where I was asking where everyone was from. I have a map with the flags of the world on it. Apparently that's very popular. :-)

Also any post with "niqab" and my lebanese chicken recipe. Hope it didn't disappoint! lol

Halima said...

Yeah, well that's how I found your site- by Googling "Lebanese chickens in niqab and their bid for world map domination"....hehe...just joking! Who thinks muslims don't have a sense of humour?!

Salamz, Sis- always a pleasure to visit your blog, mashallah!

Xo Xo...Sweet Success! said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh!!

One search on my blog that made me laugh was this:

"my bladder was very full"

LOOOOL! I guess they got that from my pregnancy posts. :) Keep blogging Momma!

Anonymous said...

Cool post mashaAllah! I used to wear niqab. Have not wore it now for 2 months. Very funny. I have had people follow my blog then leve, makes me feel a bit inaduquate like I did or said something wrong!!??? Hamdulillah maybe what I posted simply didn't interest them!!! Oh dear!!

Umm Aaminah said...

Halima... hahahahaha! Funny!

Sweet Success: That's a hoot! But like you said, can kinda see it, due to the pregnancy issues. :-)

Sanaa, sometimes I wanna say, Oh no! Come back, surely you'll like something! lol

Anonymous said...

I just say 'MASALAMA, Sorry I bored you! lol