March 8, 2011

Hijab/abaya styles I want:

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. It seems I'm always on the lookout for the perfect, no-fuss, comfy hijab with an awesome peak (the part that comes out over the forehead). I don't like the flat-to-the-head look on myself plus I just find it more practical.

Anyway I found these pics online; I think the majority of these are similar to Iranian hijab. I saw these (if I remember correctly) when the unrest in Bahrain was at its height. I really love how this one looks:

See how it cover the chin to the forehead? Me likey. :-)

I also like this overhead abaya style. I wouldn't be opposed to different colors such as a nice chocolately brown or muted eggplant but I think its usually easiest to get in black.

I like black, I think it looks elegant but somewhat formal and have just recently begun to experiment with different color combinations. I wore a brown abaya with a beige khimar the other day. It may not seem like alot to you guys but for me it was really going out on a limb. lol
Anyway I like these styles; I think the overhead abayaat being sold in France (an Algerian or North African overhead) is going to be the closest I can get to these. I've been given a few sources in France for abayaat and insha'Allah I'll be able to get a least a couple of new abayaat and maybe start a new love affair. :-)

This is the N. African overhead which is probably the closest I can get; the forehead part is a little different but insha'Allah will be good.

ma salaama...


Halima said...

Asalaamu aleikum-

I love all these styles, as well! I don't know if you are familiar with a blog by Umm Ibrahim called "Old School Hijabi"? If not, you should check it out, inshallah- she features all kinds of global hijab styles from a cultural angle, and she focuses alot on Iranian chador in particular. It's a really terrific site, mashallah- and she's very fastidious in terms of what is Islamically appropriate covering, which is a rare thing these days, hehe!

Anonymous said...

asalaamu alaikum

jazakhallakhairoon for the shout out! I try sis...I really do.

So, I also wear my hejab like this...always...covering forhead and chin...its uber modest and if you have a wide face is vry suitable. if you need advice about how to get this style to work for you...just email me. May take me a few days to respond but I'll do it. LOL...just leave me a comment on my blog w/ ur email. OK

also...the Algerian style ones rock...btw I can sew them really well if you would like me to make you one, we can discuss it...price, style and material...lemme know. Ive started to make alla mine since the euro/$ rate is horrible right now!

OK sis, btw I LOVE your blog...mashallah!