March 26, 2011

My sister

My family: Dad, Janet, Mom, Boddy and me (the "baby")
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. If you've read any of my blog you know by now that I miss my family and friends in Tennessee. My sister is one of my best friends and of course I miss her very much! She is 8 years older than me and has always been a rock in my foundation; the person who loved me regardless and always supported me. She is the most amazing woman. Period.

She was always my role model for what a mother and wife should be. Loving, supportive, encouraging, and there. Yes there. She made her family her priority and stayed at home for as long as she could when her children were little. They were always her anchor.

My sister with her daughter, Whitney. Beautiful women!

Welllll my sis is here for a visit right now. Yay me!!!! She flew up on Friday and has to go back on Monday. It's too short but I am grateful for every minute! Yesterday we just sat around and caught up, had some nice fresh fish at Coral Seafood (a locally reknowned seafood eatery) and played with Aaminah.

Today we went with Aaminah to see "Tangled" the newish animate film about Rapunzel. I really liked it but of course as a Muslim would have wished it didn't talk so much about magic. Aaminah was entranced! This was her second time going to a "big girl" movie and of course now she is 6 months older and just adored it! On the way home she basically went over the entire plot and even reminded us of things we had forgotten. :-) Masha'Allah she is amazing!

I wish I had the pics my sis snapped but she hasn't uploaded them yet. :-) I don't think I've laughed this much in a long time. It's been really good for me. I had told my step-kids that I wouldn't be here much this weekend because I'd be with my sis and that we wouldn't be bring them places with us. Ya'll have to realize, here in MA I am with my family 24/7. Unless I skip out to the store by myself. :-)

I have no free time, no friends time, no friends here really. We don't live near other Muslims and I've just not clicked with the sisters here although masha'Allah I have met some very nice ones. I just don't really have the time to cultivate new friendships. I'm busy with my home and family. However I do miss adult companionship sometimes so it's made my sister's visit even sweeter!!!!

She has so much life!

Aaminah has stayed with my sister for the past 2 nights. :-) Granted it's only 2 doors down from our apartment but I'm proud of her! I miss her little face in the morning but I know in another couple of days she'll be only my little love bug again. For now, I am happy to share!

Oh my sis cut my hair too! It's super long but in a bit of a "v" shape because I would try to trim it myself and botched it. Everytime. :-) So she took my hair cutting scissors and used the pizza box leftover from dinner as a "straight edge" to guide her. lol Alhamdulillah she did a good job and it didn't cost me a dime. Masha'allah!

I will hate to see her leave. As most of ya'll know we lost our father this past Oct after having been estranged (but without hard feelings) for 20 years. (He lived in another state and just isn't the type to keep up communications. He wasn't reliable but we knew he loved us, in his manner.) Anyway the next brother closest to his age (and the most like him, physically and personality wise) just died last month. I think my sister was really starting to miss me.

As a Muslimah I have a different outlook. I already know this life is short and we are not here for fun and games. I have this knowledge with me daily. I think for her it's a bit of a wake-up call although she isn't by any means careless about the blessings in her life. She just doesn't really stop to consider where they come from.

At any rate, it's been a great visit! I will hate it when she leaves but enjoy here while she's here. I thought I'd post a few random facts about my sis below so you can get to "know" her too. :-)

My sis, Janet

1. Family is her anchor.

2. She is going to do a 1/2 marathon next week insha'Allah. That's 13 miles! It's also a qualified for the Boston Marathon (26 miles) but I don't think she is interested in that!

3. She wrote a short story last year and is working on a novel this year. :-) She also does photography.

With some of her work at an exhibition.

4. She loves to kayak and will go to the lake in the early morning to kayak, write in her journal, and relax.

5. I don't think she has a vindictive or malicious bone in her entire body.

6. My sister's laugh is contagious. ;-)

This is my sister. :-)
7. She hasn't finished her college degree but has been promoted in her job (she's been there for over 15 years!) from receptionist to implementation co-ordinator. This is by dint of her personality, drive, and intelligence.

8. Janet is the nice one. :-)

9. She makes great country fried steak. Yum!

10. My sister loves costume jewelry and look awesome in it.

11. We once drove 13 hours to Dayton Beach, stayed one day, and came back home. We were in our 30s btw. lol

12. My sister is indefatiguable. She is like the energizer bunny and can organize and clean like nobody's "bidness". :-D

13. When she wrote a 3 page letter to me, telling me I was her hero, I cried. I'll cry now thinking about it.

OK there is sooo much more but I am exhausted. We might go to the beach tomorrow so she can experience it in the winter/cold spring time.

Ma salaama!


Mona Z said...

Aw, mashaAllah sisters are the best. Your sister's outgoing personality shines through in her pictures.

Muslim Convert said...

MashAllah, I'm an only child but inshAllah my girls will grow up to be the best of friends like you two are :)

HijabiMommy said...

Aww, Masha'allah, your sister sounds like a pretty amazing woman. Alhumdulillah for sisters!

Miss K said...

Aww Maa Shaa Allah!!I am happy for you. Family is everything and i'm so happy that she and you have such an amazing relationship. Enjoy and be happy. X

Halima said...

Asalaamu aleikum, Sister-

I'm so glad for you that you manage to maintain the ties of family - that's really wonderful, mashallah.
Sometimes it can be difficult as a revert- my family aren't muslim either,plus I'm an only child now as my brother died a few years ago, and my son is an only child( as well (so far, anyway- I'm hoping for another one, inshallah!). Since getting re-married and moving here to LA to be with my new husband I haven't managed to make any friends yet, and I'm feeling sort of isolated. But the sisterhood of other muslimas is a big blessing for me, mashallah!