March 29, 2011

The story of what was:

My Daddy used to sit outside and now Aaminah loves it too! She will pull her chair outside and sit, quietly, for 20+ minutes. Masha'Allah!!!
A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. I was going through my "drafts" folder of posts that never made it, and I found this one. I think it's funny. At the time, I was afraid it sounded morose but honestly, it was just some observations I made which humbled me somewhat. Enjoy. :-)

*I used to be a creative, exciting mother... when I only had one child.
*I was a housewife extraordinaire.... when I lived at home without a husband.
*I was a Top Chef... until I had to cook nightly for a crew of 6
*I used to keep a clean home, always company-worthy... until I had 4 kids at home 24/7
*I was always on top of the laundry... now it's on top of me. Literally, a small pile fell off the back of my chair and landed on my head. :-/
*I had visions of grandeur... now I just have visions. Well my special doctor calls them delusions but that's just splitting hairs. LOL

OK so please don't comment telling me to love myself, blah blah blah. Problem is, I do. So does A hence my gradual decline into the keeper of a wild game preserve/slovenly hovel. :-) So it's really not that bad (on most days) but daaaaang, it's getting on me nerves. I've decided to become more proactive, get back on top of all my little piles...

Just as soon as I finish this post. :-D lol Ma salaama ya'll and nighty night!"


That is where I ended the draft post. It was a few months ago. Any changes you ask? Hmm kinda. Actually there is a tiny pile of FOLDED laundry (which doesn't really count!) on the back of the loveseat. In my defense, Hafsa brought some clothes from the dryer out last night and unceremoniously dumped them half on the empty cushion, half on me. I had no choice but to fold some clothes. :-) However I wasn't in the putting-away clothes mood so there is still a small stack of tiny pajamas for my little pumpkin that need to be put up.

Just as soon as I finish this post. :-))

Ahhhh procrastination. Gotta love it. Anyone else have "hotspots" in their house? This is what FlyLady calls it; btw my experiment with her was short-lived. It was just too intense. Anyway I did take that lesson to heart. I have 3 hotspots: a) a useless little psuedo-counter between the kitchen/living room, b) the top of our dresser and c) the recliner in our room. Actually I take no responsibility for the recliner having become an extension of our closet. We are crammed into this apartment and there just isn't room!

When I am sick, in the hospital, masha'Allah the kids did laundry but instead of folding it nicely they put it, UNFOLDED, on my recliner in my room. Hmmmm. So now I just have to rewash the whole lot, they are so wrinkled. Ah what are ya gonna do???

I periodically clean off the qasi-counter but it piles up. Everyday. No joke. Every kid that passes by lays something there. A will put his keys, work papers, wallet there. I lay down mail... it's a procrastinator's paradise! Insha'allah I'll get right on it.

As soon as I finish this post. :-))

It seems my to-do list is growing by the paragraph. Maybe I should stop here before I get too committed. lol My sister just left yesterday, we had the BEST time. It was so nice masha'Allah. Aaminah already misses her and her endless affection and attention. Really we are blessed to have her in our lives. Anyway, I was saying, she just left yesterday and Aaminah is under the weather, cold or allergies, stopped up nose, no appetite. Awww poor baby. So we are extending our weekend by a day to regroup ourselves.

Since my rejection episode I am much more easily tired than before. I did lose some function and as I am very in-tune with my body I can feel the difference. Alhamdulillah and insha'allah I will get some of my sins erased for the hardships I endure patiently in this life. Amin!!!!!

OK I'm just gonna stop here. I am jumping all over the place today and making one mish-mash of a blog post. Insha'Allah I'll do a proper one tonight. Ma salaama ya'll!!!!!

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HijabiMommy said...

LOL I found your list quite humorous...not depressing at all. That's just reality.

Glad you had a great time with your sister! Hopefully you can see her again, soon.