August 31, 2010

'Alam alaikum ya'll

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Aaminah says "'Alam alaikum" and I think its just too cute masha'allah. Wanted to share. Oh and when she says "quiet" it sounds a little like "carrot" so I've caught myself telling the older kids "be carrot!". Yeah, I get some strange looks on that one. :-) Well we pretty much all love that little curly-headed sweetie so her "aami-isms" tend to catch on.

Here is a quick synopsis of what I've learned this Ramadhan:

1. Any missed fasting days must be atoned for. If you cannot make them up, you must pay to feed one poor person for every day missed.

2. You do not have to pay them before the next Ramadhan if you are unable but you must keep track. I had to go back and be very lenient when trying to recount.

3. You can pay it overseas especially if there isn't true hunger in your area or you cannot afford it. For example, here it's about $8 per day. I have many days to make up for (due to my illness and ongoing inability to fast). I had incorrectly thought I wasn't responsible because I was very poor during those years. Alhamdulillah I have now learned but cannot afford to pay $$$ so I am able to send money overseas at the rate it is required there and insha'Allah help someone truly hungry!

4. There are 7 different ways to recite Qur'an. All are the same language, Fus'ha (classical Arabic) but just different pronounciations. So it's like "tomatoe" and "tomahtoe"; same meaning slightly different sound. None is more correct than another.

5. I have learned about several different sahaba. I actually need to post a story on Saad ibn abi Waqas insha'Allah. :-)

6. Now I know this will get some people excited but please bear with me. And know I am not trying to change anyone else's interpretation, just showing mine. Human sperm is not najasa. Nowhere in the Qur'an nor hadith/sunnah does it say this. Humans would not be made from filth; to me it's very self-evident.

Ma salaama...

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