August 6, 2010

Midnight musings

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. My mind is spinning but more like a bicycle wheel after the bike is abandoned by a careless child, not in the planned, methodical way that, say, the planets spin around the sun. Random, fairly useless, and I feel like sharing. Sweet!

* Idea for bumper sticker: "Tennessee Muslimah is NOT an oxymoron".

* I want to give dawah to P!nk (the singer). Always thought she was awesome and would love to hear her in concert in Jannah. Not looking likely, but I can try. :-)

* A goal of mine: to finish a short story I am working on. Hmmm we'll see.

* I hate regrets and always swore to never own any. :-)

* I was also 19 at the time and didn't see the "price tag" on living by my whims.

* I am an A+ student but can't seem to finish school. I have a fear of achievments. That's a head scratcher.

* I was a very different person in my "past life" and I don't mean that in a zen-like sense. I mean that in a real sense and while I am H A P P Y with who I am now, I miss some parts of the Jeanna I was.

* I cannot, CANNOT, for the life of me understand idol worship. As in "I made this cow god from clay and yet I believe it to be imbued with powers of awesomeness" kinda idolatry.

* I really want to work on some of my projects I have in various stages but when I get free time I either a) blog, b) read blogs or c)do nothing. Wait, I think that's just called laziness. Never mind. :-)

* This is turning into a "little random ramblings about jeanna" post. Sorry. :-)

* I've been to the UK, India and UAE. I liked the nastiest, stinkiest, most heartbreaking place most. (India duh.) Another headscratcher. :-)

* Aaminah's father never contacts her. Never. Ever. ever. I see her, soooo beautiful, smart, funny, kind and I cannot fathom it. Past head scratching.

* I learn from my husband daily. Little tidbits of Islamic information masha'Allah. A new hadith, a larger understanding of the science of shariah... I love it.

* More stores online should carry the tie-back khimar in the EXACT fabric weight, type, and color I like. Oh and with a nice enough forehead peak. Yeah, they should. :-)

* Like most Americans, my life is a soundtrack. I believe music is haram and I try to stay far from it but I do miss it. May Allah swt help guide me.

* Sleep eluded me the other night as well because I missed my sons so bad it hurt. :-(

*Home made joke by Zachary (my 17 yr old) when he was 4: "Your mama's so stupid, she sits on the tv and watches the couch." I STILL laugh at that one!!!!!!!

OK guess I'll go or I'll just keep adding little tidbits all night. Ma salaam!


Mona Z said...

I like this template! I do love a random post too. Tell us about what got to you in India?

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. I went to India in 2006 to meet and marry Abou Aaminah (although he wasn't Abou at the time!!! lol). I stayed for 6 weeks and lived like a regular Indian; washed my clothes by hand, traveled to find bottled water, and sweated it out sans A/C!!! It was an awesome experience and even though my marriage to him did not work out, I am grateful for being able to visit India and of course, for my darrrrrling Aaminah!!!