August 17, 2010

Ramadhan journal: Day 7/ Abu Dharr al Ghafari

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Still didn't fast today but insha'allah I feel I can do it tomorrow. I am keeping track of my days not fasted but I hope to fast more than I cannot. I want to fast the whole month and Allah willing I can do the rest of it. I just have to push myself to drink more and more water. I read you can only absorb 8 oz every 20 min but I don't just need to absorb, I need to flush my kidney. So insha'allah drinking alot benefits me.

Iftar was the same, leftovers YAY! Even down to the homemade kheer (rice pudding with saffron, raisins, and cardamom) topped with toasted coconut. In Arabic it's called malaban. Just an FYI.

We had another nice halaqa tonight led by A. He talked about Abu Dharr al Ghifari, a sahabi who sought out Rasoolallah after hearing there was a new nabi in Makkah. He converted to Islam, and went back to his village (on the caravan route between Makkah and Madinah, heading towards Yemen) and by the end of 10 years, his ENTIRE village had become Muslim. Subhanallah. 3500 people, all led to Islam because one man had the courage to seek out the truth.

A very beautiful part of his story is how he converted. He went to Makkah during the very dark times when Muslims had to hide, in fear of their lives. After saying the shahada and speaking with the Prohet Muhammad (saws), Rasoolallah (saws) told Abu Dharr to return home to his tribe as Makkah was too usnafe. Abu Dharr asked his persmission to do one thing first.

Subhanallah, can you guess what he did? In the time of all Muslims having to hide, he marched RIGHT UP TO THE KABBAH, where all the kuffar were sitting and at the top of his voice said, "I testify here and now in front of you that I am a MUSLIM. LA ILAHA ILALLAH, MUHAMMAD-DUR-RASOOLALLAH". He didn't finish that sentence before he was knocked unconcious and beaten by the mob. Rasoolallah's uncle Abu Talib told the people, "Stop are you idiots? This man is the leader of the Ghifar and they control the route to Yemen and your livelihood! If you kill him his tribe will seek vengeance."

So alhamdulillah he was spared and he became the 40th sahaba and the first to ever declare publicly his faith. Subhanallah.

Insha'allah this was of some benefit to you. If I said anything wrong, it's from myself (not the shaitaan now, it's Ramadhan baby!) and anything good and right is from Allah swt.

Ma salaama.


Stephanie said...

Subhanallah, loved that story. I hadn't heard that one before. Thanks for caring, and please take care of your precious kidney. May Allah reward you for your struggle, but you have a very very real reason to obstain so please use your good judgement sister. I know I don't have to tell you and sorry if it sounds preachy, but I was thinking about you earlier and hoping you were in good health, inshallah.

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. You didn't sound preachy and I don't mind. I just hate to give up that experience you know? To suffer the thirst and the hunger and know all over the globe, 100s of millions of Muslims are suffering too. Most alot more than me with my fillings suhoors and nutritious iftars.

I am just kinda being a weinee about it. :) "But I wanna...!!!" lol

Glad you liked the story; I've never heard of this sahabi either. I was just thinking to myself, how nice to have a little Islamic encyclopedia as a husband. :) Ma salaam!

Stephanie said...

I understand sister. My 3rd pregnancy I only fasted about half the time because of dizziness and weakness (hypoglycemia?) and it just wasn't the same. I love fasting too. Love you for the sake of Allah, dear.