August 19, 2010

Ramadhan journal: Day 9/ Umayr ibn Saad al-Ansari

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. OK let's get down to the nuts and bolts of it. I overslept for suhoor; thus my whole family overslept. No one got to get so much as a sip of water, subhanallah. And they had to fast. Me? I coulnd't take my meds before Fajr so I wasn't able to fast. Really if you wanna feel like a great big ole meany, just be the cause of your family starving all day while you get to eat. :-)

Anyway suhoor was a bust, iftar was nice. I actually made something besides our soup, salad and bread. I thawed some beef cubes and fried them with garlic and cubanelle peppers. I knew they really needed the protein tonight. We ate the rest of the soup I had made a few days ago so it's to the kitchen tomorrow for me to cook. :-)

I bought a new cookbook the other day at TJMaxx. First off let me explain I'm not really a huge TJMaxx fan but my little town has one so I'll stop by ocassionally. And ocassionaly I'll get some great deals... or buy something totally frivolous. Such a purchase was my cookbook.

"Best Ever Indian Cookbook". It's really nice, despite the rather unimaginative and boastful name. Plus some of the recipes and photosgraphs were used in Mahur Jaffries Indian cookbook so...hmm. :-) Anyway my mouth is WATERING to try some of these recipes. Now problem is A isn't the world's greatest indo-cuisine lover. I am trying to pinpoint what it is he doesn't really like about it so I can indulge to my heart's content.

It's not the spice, per se. Tunisians love them some spice so it has to be some other combination he isn't too keen on. However, he eats the indo-pak food at the masjid so I think I'll be brave and try my hand at some. I already know I want to make samosas. Y U M. And I think I'll do one of the vegetable curries insha'allah. Anyway I'll take pics and post when I do. Hmm maybe next day I can't fast I'll head to a local Indian eatery... Oh my evil plans. lol

On to our sahabi story. Umayr ibn Saad al-Ansari. Subhanllah another inspirational story. Umayr became Muslim at the age of 9 along with his mother and step-father Jalas. He was known to be very pious and honest masha'Allah.

When he turned 16 the Muslimeen were going to war against the Romans, during the heat of the summer, with a 600 mile march to boot! Needless to say, the munafiq (hypocrits) were out in full-force, trying to avoid jihad for the pleasure of Allah swt and making rumors about the Prophet Muhammad (saws).

Young Umayr went to his stepfahter whom he adored and was very close to and asked for him to help in the cause of Allah and give him money to go on the campaign for the battle of Tabouk. His stepfather astounded him by saying, "You think Muhammad is a nabi?" and by saying this he committed kufar (serious disbelief). Umayr went to his room, crushed by what Jalas said. How should he handle this?

He loved his stepfather as his own father (who had died before his birth). He respected him and in return Jalas treated him as a son and denied him nothing. However Rasoolallah (saws) had been warned them about the dangers of kufar. Young Umayr knew if he kept this a secret it was endangering his own soul. He was also afraid his stepfather would continue to spread the lies about the Prophet (saws).

So he went to Jalas' room and requested entrance. He told him, Father I cannot keep silent. You have committed kufar, a grave sin. I love you as no other besides our Prophet (saws) so I could not go behind your back like a coward. I have come to tell you that in the morning, I will have to expose your secret.

The next morning he attended fajr salaat (prayer) with Rasoolallah (saws) and told him of the betrayal. Jalas was sent for and when questioned, denied by Allah that he had said those words. Umayr also denied lying and swore his stepfather said it.

The sahaba didn't know who to believe! On one hand, here is young Umayr, who was always at the masjid and was well-known for his piety and honestly. But Jalas was older, a respected man, and he said the boy was simply angry with him and seeking revenge. It seemed to be an impasse.

Suddenly Rasoolallah (saws) received a wahi (revelation) from Allah swt. His eyes became unseeing and he was bathed in noor (light). Suddenly Umayr's face became calm, his tears dried and Jalas looked confused and frightened. When the vision passed the Prophet (saws) went to Umayr and told him Allah sent a message that he was indeed honest. At that time Jalas admitted he had committed the kufar and on the advice of Rasoolallah (saws) begged forgiveness from Allah. After that he became a true Muslim not a munafiq.

Jalas thanked Umayr because he said that by revealing his sin to others, Umayr had saved Jalas from the hellfire. Subhanallah.

OK I'll have part 2 in the next few days insha'Allah. Ma salaama!!!

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