August 4, 2010

Potty training and all that entails

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. Aaminah is actively potty training now; masha'allah she is really smart and will even go herself (after just one day!), strip off her little pants and plant herself on the potty seat. :-) I am not above bribing, erm, I mean rewarding her good jobs and feeding her loads of propaganda.

"Oh Aaminah, BIG GIRLS use the potty!" "You are so smart and big when you USE THE POTTY!" "Do you want a sticker or an m&m?"

You get the idea. :-) She's doing pretty well but won't poop in the potty. She did her usual sneak and crouch move today and before I could track her down she was finished. Uck. I don't use shame but I did tell her it's nasty and doesn't it feel gross? I must have been effective because now she will voluntarily tell you that we don't potty in our pants and it's nasty and yucky. :-)

Tonight when it was time for bed, she went potty then I said, "OK time to put your diaper on." Boy was she offended! "No mama, no diaper. I big girl." Hmmm time for some backtracking. So I assured her she was still a big girl but diapers are good for nighttime so she doesn't wet her bed. She accepted it pretty gracefully I thought and off to bed she went, fully protected.

So I think after a couple of weeks we *should* be home free and out of diapers. Woo hoo! Wouldn't that be nice? For her for the environment for A's money... :-) It's all good.

Ma salaam!


Alisha said...

LOL your daughter sounds just like my niece, only she was much harder to be potty trained.

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam Sr. Alisha, your niece must be a handful too! ;-) Aaminah is so funny about the pooping part; I finally just gave her a diaper. lol