August 19, 2010

Ramadhan journal: Day 8

A'salaamu alaikum ya'll. This is my journal post for yesterday; I was pooped last night!

Alhamdulillah I was able to fast yesterday. We broke fast at the masjid and prayed maghrib there. We intended to stay for Ishaa but A got called into work on an emergency. He is the maintenance manager at a large apartment complex and gets calls all day and night sometimes.

A funny thing happened last night. They ran out of food. I think a larger than expected number showed up and yeah you can guess it, there were some who complained. I was watching their over-excited gestures with an air of incredulity mixed with humor. Are they serious??

A related a story to us about a bag of dates Rasoolallah (saws) had given to one of Aisha's sisters. He told her, use from this bag as you will but do not look in it. This of course means we are to trust in our rizq (provision) from Allah. She said for months she took from this sack and it always had tammar (dates) inside. Finally one day, overcome by curiosity, she peeked in the bag. Yep you guessed it, no more dates!!!

Obviously these sisters never heard this hadith or they would have trusted in the bounty Allah provides. Anyone whose ever attended an iftar knows the amount of food in a boxed meal is waaay more than necessary. I shared one box with Aaminah, Zainab, and Hafsa masha'allah. We had some other food (Zainab got a partial box) but really we were satisfied. I just pray Allah swt accepts our fast and our good intentions.

Due to my extreme exhaustion I did not get up for tahajjud prayers. :-( Insha'allah tomorrow I will do better.

Okey dokey household chores are calling; I better get busy. Ma salaama ya'll!

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Houda said...

Salam alaikum.

YOu know, sometimes family drops by when I have just cooked for my 4. The days that I panic over how I am going to feed everyone, I stress and feel embarrassed. I feel guilty that not everyone gets a lot of food. The days that I don't think about it, just start pouring food for everyone, happy that we are together, sub7anallah it feels like I have made food for a nation!

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Ramadan Kareem